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Graphic - Web & PhotographyFront-End Web Development Certificate

Front-End Web Development Certificate

Adobe XD - HTML - CSS - Wordpress

About the Class


Get started as a front-end web developer by coding HTML/CSS, and integrating JavaScript and PHP

In this certificate program students will learn HTML to build the structure of a website, and write CSS for styling. In addition students will learn the integration of JavaScript and PHP to add functionality, interactivity and animations. Students will learn how to build a responsive website optimized for any screen size.

Course Outline

From web design to coding:
Understand the workflow in web design and the relation with coding.
Export for web from design software
Formats and resolution
Front end web development workflow
Software and plugins for coding
HTML essentials document structure
Tags basic structure
Elements, attributes, headings, paragraphs, quotations
Tables, lists, block
Styles, formating, colors
Images, links
Divs, IDs and classes
Forms, inputs
Video, YouTube, Google
CSS essentials for styling
CSS Syntax
Colors, background, border, opacity
Width, Height, box model, outline, units
Position, float, overflow, blocks, align
Margins, padding
Text, fonts, icons
Links, lists, tables

Media Queries
Pseudo class and elements
Rounded corners, multiple backgrounds, gradients, shadows
Text effects, web fonts
2D and 3D transformations
Transitions, animations
Building a website in Bootstrap

JavaScript Syntax
How to integrate Java Script in to the HTML code
Dropdown menu in JavaScript

PHP integration
How to integrate PHP in to the HTML code
PHP contact form

Final Project

Course Benefits

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Meet the Instructor


Instructor Eugenio Eugenio Solis de Ovando is a Graphic Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in Digital Graphics. He provides services to advertisement agencies, newspapers, magazines, graphic design agencies, photography studios, universities, editorials, printers and others. Eugenio… Full Bio

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