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Law Office Administration

About the Class

If you have ever worked for a law firm, you will understand this statement: Lawyers do not usually make the best managers. To put it simply, it is not what they were trained to do. Thus it is not uncommon for the law office manager, or administrator, to be a non-lawyer. The perfect law office manager would be someone who had skills and experience related to the law, but who possessed administrative skills as well. The answer is often a paralegal!

A paralegal who takes up the role as law office manager can expect some unique challenges. She (or he) will have to prove herself to the staff as well as to the lawyers in the firm who suddenly have to take orders from this “paralegal.” But as office administrator, you are much more than a paralegal. You are management, part of the fabric that oversees all aspects of the firm. You will be involved in hiring, firing, promoting, rewarding, and shuffling legal staff and lawyers. Your concern shifts from simply working on individual cases to seeing that the firm runs efficiently with policies and procedures in place to smooth over any bumps. And as a paralegal, you will have an awareness of how legal matters can affect the overall business of a law firm.

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