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Entertainment Law

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Every concert, television show, movie, song played on radio, play, sporting event, movie, and every other form of entertainment today is guided by legal agreements. More than ever the media entertainment is saturated by the law, seeking to ensure the interests of financial backers or protect the interests of artists and performers. A paralegal can be an integral part of the legal entertainment scene, providing the attorney with drafts of contracts, monitoring of the performance of existing contracts, and communicating with clients and other parties involved in the negotiation process.  This is all in addition to the more standard tasks performed by the paralegal, such as research, correspondence, and pleading preparation.

Think of all the areas that are encompassed in the representation of a client in this field: publicity;  privacy;  advertising and marketing; rights of deceased artists and authors;  enforcing royalty agreements; distribution of royalties; contractually mandated audits; copyright protection and enforcement;  patents;  and more.

A paralegal can also be invaluable due to the peculiar nature of the entertainment industry. The egos and personalities are different, more sensitive, and often more volatile than standard areas of representation.  A paralegal often provides a less threatening conduit for communication to flow.  This relatively new Specialist area of law is tailor-made for a dynamic, skilled paralegal.

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