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Lifelong LearningThe Influence Equation

The Influence Equation

About the Class

If you spend your time with the world’s most influential leaders, trying to figure out which social cause to support with your billions of dollars, you should skip this class.

But if you would like to grow your influence in any field and develop deep and meaningful relationships with the people who could have the biggest impact on your goals, habits, business aspirations, and social causes, behavioral scientist, and founder of the Influencers, Jon Levy has designed this course for you.

Success shouldn’t depend on your background, income, or how introverted/extroverted you are. Fortunately, Levy’s research suggests that the biggest predictors of influence are who you are connected to, how much they trust you, and the sense of community you share.

Discover and learn to apply the latest scientific research on success, satisfaction, happiness and effectiveness.  If you examine most career advice across media, it just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. So what does?  Jon Levy provides a road map created from field tested science, for how to build the habits, relationships, and skills that separate those who struggle and fail from those who thrive.

This class will require students to participate in activities to improve social skills, and develop relationships with those key industry leaders who have the greatest potential of supporting post graduation success.

Course Benefits

  • Become masterful at connecting with high profile people
  • Learn to build trust and a sense of community quickly with those who matter most to your goals
  • Discover the latest scientific research on success, satisfaction, happiness and effectiveness.
  • Apply a field tested road map for developing influence.

Program Topics

  • Influence
  • Human biases
  • Behavioral science
  • Creating meaningful relationships
  • Habit formation
  • Business success



Jon Levy Levy works with companies ranging from global brands like Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and SAP to startups like brunchwork, and UrbanStems. He specializes in applying the latest scientific research on human behavior (neuroscience, psychology, economics, biology, etc.), to… Full Bio

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