About Meet Our Instructors Dottie Ann Stevenson

Meet Dottie Ann Stevenson

Dottie Ann Stevenson / MSED. PARALEGAL

Dottie A. Stevenson, is a Human Resources professional with over 21 years of experience in the Human Resources field.  She started her career as an HR/Administrative Assistant on Wall Street in 1995 at a small tax reclamation firm with only 10 full time employees.  As her role changed due to heavy recruiting, the need for benefit and retirement plans, her responsibilities day-to-day grew.  With the need to hire an assistant plus employee relations issues, Dottie decided go deeper into HR.  She implemented a benefit plan for all staff, a SimpleIRA plan, and started to understand the aspect of payroll, employee relations and how HR plays a vital role in staff a company.

After 5.5 years, Dottie, with a heavy heart resigned from the firm in search of the broader aspects of HR.  She landed a job at a major international publishing firm as an HR Assistant with a department of 4 people.  Dottie worked for the parent company that had numerous companies and their own HR departments including an international component that she was able to tap into by way of being a part of an HRIS system integration for Expats.  She traveled to London for a week to meet her international colleagues in HR, build relationships and understand how to transition Expats to the US using a seamless process.

As the economy started to change, the position she held was eliminated and the duties were absorbed by one of the larger owned companies of the parent company in New Jersey.  With 3 years in the Company, Dottie was devastated.  All that she learned and ready to take on with anticipated success on deliverables, it was taken away.  But then a new doors opened; the non-profit social services sector, Unions, environmental law firms, advertising and luxury retail.

Dottie has been involved with many employee relations issues, settlements, EEOC hearing, open enrollments, payroll/HRIS system implementations, HR strategic planning, downsizing, rebranding, financial impact panels and Union negotiations. Dottie has systematically changed the way many of her direct reports (past and present) view HR and their roles.  Many have gone to explore overseas opportunities, found their niche in HR, became generalists or became promotion ready.

Dottie strongly believes in education and learning is everlasting.

“Education is key to any career development path.  Experience goes a long way but education builds the foundation for experience.”

Dottie, thought her career worked full time, went to school full time and took on additional certificates in HR management and studied to become a paralegal.  Her next education adventure is earning a PhD in Human Resources Management.

Dottie is happily married with 2 children (boy, Kamare and girl, Brooke-Lynn).  They reside in the Bronx, NY.