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Recruitment and Engagement

About the Class

This two-day program will explore the process of identifying potential employees and encouraging them to apply for job openings. The course will discuss attracting the appropriate quantity of applicants as well as the critical factor of the quality of applicants.

In addition, the program will explore a wide range of employee relations and engagement concepts and learn practices that connect an organization to its’ employees. It will examine the effects of an organization’s rules and culture on employee relations. The program includes a range of concepts, practices and procedures that affect the relationship between employers and employees as well as the relationship between employees themselves.

Participants will gain the skills necessary to staff their organization with qualified individuals who have the key skills and vision needed. Recruitment activities are among the most visible of human resource activities and the one that provides the most important “product” of human resources; talented employees.

Participants will gain the skills necessary to anticipate, address and defuse workplace situations and issues that may interfere with employee engagement. They will also review policies and procedures governing workplace rules and conduct.

Includes in the program will be a discussion of workplace rules and conduct, compliance with federal, state and local laws and the regulations that impact the relationship between employer and employee.

Program Topics

  • Define key federal laws and court cases associated with recruitment, including those related to the prevention of discrimination.
  • Develop strategies for acquiring and retaining high-performing workforce, using internal and external resources.
  • Analyze staffing levels to make decisions as to workforce allocations.
  • Establish an employer value proposition and employment brand that supports organizational success.
  • Examine the challenges and key drivers of staffing strategies.
  • Discuss the lifecycle of the organization and the individual.
  • Explain the importance of organizational culture

Meet the Instructor


Greg Chartier is a well-known management consultant, educator and speaker. His human resource practice is based on the Business Partner Model of Human Resources, which places its emphasis on outsourcing, the use of technology to gain efficiencies and… Full Bio

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