Human Resources ManagementHot Topics in Human Resources 2018

Hot Topics in Human Resources 2018

About the Class

One year into the new Trump Administration and there is a lot going on in the world of HR. In fact, changes are taking place, key issues are being discussed and the future of HR and work is evolving right before us.

This one-day seminar will explore the changes that have already occurred and what is likely to happen in 2018 and beyond. The program will examine what is going on in the alphabet agencies, like the NLRB and the EEOC; what is going on in the courts, in particular, the Supreme Court; what changes we are likely to see in health care, minimum wage, pay equity and sexual harassment.

Participants will examine and identify the issues and concerns that their firms will face in the coming years and help them prepare for the changes to come.

Program Topics

  • Discuss what is going in the courts and how the Supreme Court will have to resolve issues like sexual orientation and pay equity.
  • Examine the key differences with the regulatory agencies and what changes we may see in minimum wage, overtime provisions and exempt status.
  • Look at the employee relations impact of societal changes in drug use and, in particular, the recreational use of marijuana and the impact of illegal prescription drug use.
  • Examine how the states are moving on key employee issues, like paid leave.
  • Discuss the impact that the #MeToo movement will have on your workforce.

Meet the Instructor


Greg Chartier is a well-known management consultant, educator and speaker. His human resource practice is based on the Business Partner Model of Human Resources, which places its emphasis on outsourcing, the use of technology to gain efficiencies and… Full Bio

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